Mar 4, 2022Liked by Sishir Garemella

Nicely explained ..the basic part of understanding and reaching the last mile in receiving the entire investment with interest has been the challange , especially from smaller segment ..as a consulting supplier have seen firm closing their solar lending business .since getting payment are quite

challanging .over all its a win win situation if thinks are done correctly ..

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Feb 25, 2022Liked by Sishir Garemella

Good article Shishir ji.. will await further ones to come.. Solar under loan model being financed by NBFC's or IPP's is getting momentum in India.. Agony sometimes is that the customer compares these loans vis a vis loans being offered by banks.. We need to convince them hard that the lender here is not in the business of bank i.e keeping money with lower rates and lending it at higher rates and earn in the spread!!!

Thanks Deepak

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